Andrew Gilmartin Consulting

I am a creative individual who designs and builds software systems and information architectures. I have a breadth of skills gathered from decades of working with a wide range of tools and disciplines within companies large and small. I enjoy working in software as the software development process is a practicable and grounded form of design thinking combined with exceptional tooling. I write, diagram, and speak clearly. I am patient. I like people, dogs, and cats.

I work most successfully with an individual or a small team with the directly authority to make commitments and decisions.

I work on singular and long-running systems. Projects have design, implementation, and operation aspects. Long-running projects also have maintenance and handover aspects. Design is required and billed at a fixed price. Everything else is optional and billed at time and materials.

I work best with projects of 1 week to 4 months in duration. I can not undertake a long engagement with short or irregular periods of activity. I do not work on online commerce projects.

If you are interesting in discussing your project then contact me at

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